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Clay Khaprail Tiles Features

Pak Clay Tiles is the finest Clay Tiles Lahore Manufacturing company in Pakistan. We have shops in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Faisalabad and Peshawar. Our clients can buy best quality clay roof tiles in Pakistan in different colors with different textures and patterns from our shops. Our clay roof tiles in Pakistan are available in low price with high quality materials.


Our Specialization

100% Natural Tiles

All-natural terracotta material for the production of clay tiles Lahore, khaprail tiles, terracotta tiles, ceramic tiles and red brick wall tiles that preserve the characteristics of our products.

Glossy Frost Resistant

Our Khaprail tiles or clay roof tiles in Pakistan are highly frost-resistant and protect your roofs, floors and walls from frost in winter to preserve the inner heat.

Approved & Guaranteed

Clay Tiles or Khaprail Tiles are particularly durable and reliable in their attractive enamel colors. That’s why our ceramic tiles are approved and guaranteed for years to come.

Absorbing Heat

Our products made from natural terracotta tiles are very absorbent in heat and absorbency. They protect your homes, offices and buildings from extreme heat.